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Hearing Loss Help » Three Causes of Ear Wax Build-up

Answers to Your Questions about Hearing Loss Issues  

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June 18, 2008: 8:57 am: Dr. Neil Ear Problems

Three Causes of Ear Wax Build-up

by Neil Bauman, Ph.D.

A lady asked:

What kinds of things cause excessive ear wax to build up?

I can think of 3 reasons for ear wax build-up.

1. In my book “ Ototoxic Drugs Exposed ” I list 4 drugs that have the side effect of causing excess ear wax production. If you are taking any of these drugs, that could be the reason for your excessive ear wax. These drugs are Acitretin, Infliximab, Ritonavir and Rofecoxib.

2. For some people, just wearing hearing aids (either in-the-ear hearing aids, or behind-the-ear aids with ear molds can cause your body to really step up the production of ear wax. In addition, hearing aids/ear molds prevent this wax from naturally working its way out, and it fact, push it further down the ear canal.

3. You may be lacking in essential fatty acids (EFAs). People that are deficient in certain essential fatty acids can have either excessive ear wax or dry, flaky ears. Apparently the essential fatty acids help control ear canal inflammation. In this case, it is the inflammation that is responsible for the excessive ear wax.

According to Dr. Andrew Rubman, ND, the director of the, Southbury Clinic for Traditional Medicines in CT, taking one tablespoon of flax oil or 2,000 mg of fish oil daily corrects most EFA deficiencies. (Source: Bottom Line Secrets Newsletter, May 7, 2008.)


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