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Hearing Improvement Center LLC
(860) 218-9422
28 N Main St
West Hartford, CT
Getting Hearing Aids Once you have told us your history and your personal expectations with regard to your hearing, we provide you with detailed advice on the most appropriate products and facilities to meet your requirements:•Which ear has a problem hearing?•Which style of hearing aid is most suitable for you: analog, digitally programmable or fully digital?•Do you want to regulate the volume of the hearing aid yourself, or would you prefer a hearing aid that adjusts automaticall
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Advanced Hearing Solutions
(860) 640-4721
340 Broad St
Windsor, CT
The services which we offer fall into distinct categories which are listed below. Please click on the service which is of intest to you. A brief description follows. For more information, you might check the Hearing Library link in our main menu, or call us directly to discuss a procedure or service.Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs)Assistive listening devices are used to maximize hearing using instruments which may or may not be used in conjunction with a hearing aid. These instruments fall int
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ProHealth Hearing Center
(860) 269-3835
21 South Rd Ste 112
Farmington, CT
Services provided include hearing testing and treatment, hearing aid evaluations and fittings, tinnitus management, hearing aid repairs, assitive listening devices, custom hearing protection, and swim molds. Patients are generally seen within one week from time of referral or inquiry.
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The Hearing Center Of
(860) 265-4070
145 Hazard Ave Ste C
Enfield, CT
The Hearing Center of Asheville offers the area''s most comprehensive center for audiology care and hearing aid service.*Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations*State-of-the-Art Digital Hearing Aid Fittings*Tinnitus Evaluation and Retraining Therapy*Otoacoustic Emissions & Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry*Custom Ear Protection*On-site Lab for In-house Repairs
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Easter Seal Rehab Center
(203) 599-0119
158 State St
Meriden, CT
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Hearing Improvement Center
(860) 264-1029
919 Silas Deane Hwy
Wethersfield, CT
Getting Hearing AidsTest & AudiometryThe Ear ImpressionThe FittingFollow-up Care
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The Hearing Center of Glastonbury, LLC
(860) 266-4539
799 Hebron Ave
Glastonbury, CT
What We Do: The Hearing Center of Glastonbury offers a full range of diagnostic audiologic services including comprehensive audiologic assessments, middle ear assessments, Otoacoustic Emission testing (OAE), industrial hearing testing, school screenings and Tinnitus evaluation and management programs. Our rehabilitative services include the latest digital hearing systems including the newest invisible hearing solutions as well as a full line of assistive communication devices. These may includ
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Joanne Cyr Calloghan
(860) 516-8116
72 Pine St
Bristol, CT
We are a full service practice offering the latest in hearing techniques and technology. My name is Joanne Cyr-Callaghan and I have been licensed by the State of Connecticut as a Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist for more than 20 years. I also hold a State of Connecticut, LPN license. Each and every year I attend educational meetings and courses to keep up with the changes in hearing instruments.
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Hearing Health & Wellness Center, LLC
(860) 863-4688
710 Main St Ste 8
Plantsville, CT
Hearing Health & Wellness Center, LLC offers most major brands of hearing instruments and provides patient and family counseling for effective hearing aid use. Follow up care as well as assistive listening devices, such as TV Ears are available. Custom earmolds for hearing aids, MP3 players, handsfree telephone earpieces, swim plugs, musician sound plugs and hearing protection are available. No interest and low interest payment plans are available. If hearing loss is suspected, call Hearing Heal
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The Hearing Center, LLC
(203) 446-4530
149 Wakelee Ave
Ansonia, CT
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Hearing Loss Help » Sympathetic Hearing Loss

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August 8, 2007: 3:06 pm: Dr. Neil Hearing Loss

Sympathetic Hearing Loss

 by Neil Bauman, Ph.D.

A man wrote:

Your site ( ) is extremely informative. I do have a question. I am a member of ANA (Acoustic Neuroma Association) and there was one member a long time ago that experienced sympathetic hearing loss following AN surgery. Recently, there are others reporting AIED (Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease) following radiation and just watching the tumor. I was wondering if treatments for acoustic neuroma cause AIED, or is it that some people are just destined to acquire this no matter what the situation? Is sympathetic hearing loss and AIED the same thing?

Good questions. Strange as it may seem, sympathetic hearing loss is where you lose hearing in one ear from some cause, then later, your remaining ear loses its hearing--seemingly in sympathy for the first ear.

Now to answer your questions. Is sympathetic hearing loss and AIED the same thing? The answer is technically no--although they may be related at times. This is because if you had AIED in one ear, it could result in sympathetic hearing loss in the other ear according to one theory. Here’s how they think it works.

Some doctors think that the ear may be only partially “immune privileged.” This means that your body may not know about all the antigens in your inner ear. Therefore, when/if they are released into the rest of your body (perhaps following surgery or an infection) your body may think they are foreign agents, and thus wrongly attack these “foreign” antigens. The result could be hearing loss in your other, formerly good, ear.

Dr. Timothy Hain observed that some patients treated for acoustic neuromas have delayed sympathetic hearing loss in the opposite ear. This can also happen if you are treated for Meniere’s Disease in one ear, or if you are treated with radiation for a tumor in one ear.

Thus, there does seem to be some credibility to this theory, but it certainly isn’t the case in everybody with AIED. Dr. Hain suspects sympathetic hearing only occurs in about 1% of the patients in which inner ear antigens are released into the rest of the body following surgery, or other treatments. (1)

(1) Hain, Timothy. Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease (AIED)

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One Response

  1. Ellen Wagner Says:
    after publication. --> December 30th, 2008 at 12:14 pm

    I received total brain radiation (25 treatments) following surgical removal of a brain tumor metastisis.

    I am having problems with both ears. The outsides blistered the last week of treatments and I noticed a hearing loss. I went to an ENT and was given Rx ear drops (antibiotic/steriod)and will be scheduled for a hearing test in a week or...

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