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The Everett Clinic
(425) 374-4345
4027 Hoyt Ave Ste 101A
Everett, WA
The Everett Clinic offers: * An advanced imaging center with highly trained physicians, specialists and technicians * Two surgery centers with advanced technology such as 3D image-guided surgery * Eight urgent care Walk-In Clinics, open seven days a week with extended hours * Comprehensive disease prevention and management programs * Three pharmacies * A regional cancer center partnership
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Stanwood Camano Hearing Center
(360) 654-4307
7359 267th St NW Ste A
Stanwood, WA
Hearing EvaluationsYou will be seen by licensed hearing professionals - audiologists and hearing instrument specialists with the experience to serve your needs. These hearing professionals are knowledgeable in the fitting of the latest diagnostic equipment, procedures, and amplification technology to help identify the best hearing aid or treatment method suitable for your hearing and communication needs.
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West Coast Hearing Clinic
(360) 637-4039
1812 Sumner Ave Ste C
Aberdeen, WA
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Spencer Audiology Clinic Inc
(360) 312-4772
1000 McKenzie Ave Ste 12
Bellingham, WA
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Columbia Basin Hearing & Balance Center
(509) 591-0224
1149 N Edison St Ste D
Kennewick, WA
Audiological Evaluation,Hearing Aid Services,Vestibular Evaluation,Fall Risk Assessment,Tinnitus Evaluation,Pediatric Evaluation,APD Evaluation
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Island Family Hearing Clinic
(888) 451-8981
1690 Layton Rd
Freeland, WA
60-day Money Back Guarantee With Every Hearing Aid Purchase, Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations, Free Hearing Aid Cleanings and Checks, Free Hearing Aid Consultation,Full Range of Hearing Aid Technologies Available, Hearing Aid Options Available for All Hearing Needs and Budget Considerations, Hearing Aid Sales and Service, Most Insurances and Credit Cards Accepted
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Puget Sound Hearing & Balance
(206) 607-8656
9714 3rd Ave NE Ste 100
Seattle, WA
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The Hearing Advantage
(360) 930-3322
22180 Olympic College Way St 205
Poulsbo, WA
Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs): FM SystemsAudiometric evaluations for Children and AdultsBattery salesEar Molds & Swim MoldsHearing aid fittings and evaluationsOtoacoustic EmissionsReal-ear measurement
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Highline Hearing Professionals (formerly Highline Audiology)
(206) 792-9355
14400 Ambaum Blvd SW Ste G
Burien, WA
We provide maintenance and minor repairs for most hearing aids in our office.When we cannot fix a hearing aid in-house, we can send it to the original manufacturer or to an all-make repair lab. Often the aids can be returned to original specifications. Instruments sent out for repair are generally ready to be picked up in ten days to two weeks.We offer no-charge loaner instruments to patients who must send their hearing aids in for repair.
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Bellevue ENT
(425) 533-9375
1135 116th Ave NE Ste 165
Bellevue, WA
# State of the Art office treatment for snoring# Comprehensive allergy screening and treatment# Voice evaluation with videostroboscopy# Comprehensive evaluation and surgical treatment of obstructive sleep apnea# Surgical treatment of the thyroid and parathyroid glands# Pediatric otolaryngology# Comprehensive ear care and audiology services# State of the art, image guided sinus surgery# Facial plastic surgery consultations# Botox injections for treatment of facial wrinkles# Surgical treatments fo
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August 8, 2007: 3:06 pm: Dr. Neil Hearing Loss

Sympathetic Hearing Loss

 by Neil Bauman, Ph.D.

A man wrote:

Your site ( ) is extremely informative. I do have a question. I am a member of ANA (Acoustic Neuroma Association) and there was one member a long time ago that experienced sympathetic hearing loss following AN surgery. Recently, there are others reporting AIED (Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease) following radiation and just watching the tumor. I was wondering if treatments for acoustic neuroma cause AIED, or is it that some people are just destined to acquire this no matter what the situation? Is sympathetic hearing loss and AIED the same thing?

Good questions. Strange as it may seem, sympathetic hearing loss is where you lose hearing in one ear from some cause, then later, your remaining ear loses its hearing--seemingly in sympathy for the first ear.

Now to answer your questions. Is sympathetic hearing loss and AIED the same thing? The answer is technically no--although they may be related at times. This is because if you had AIED in one ear, it could result in sympathetic hearing loss in the other ear according to one theory. Here’s how they think it works.

Some doctors think that the ear may be only partially “immune privileged.” This means that your body may not know about all the antigens in your inner ear. Therefore, when/if they are released into the rest of your body (perhaps following surgery or an infection) your body may think they are foreign agents, and thus wrongly attack these “foreign” antigens. The result could be hearing loss in your other, formerly good, ear.

Dr. Timothy Hain observed that some patients treated for acoustic neuromas have delayed sympathetic hearing loss in the opposite ear. This can also happen if you are treated for Meniere’s Disease in one ear, or if you are treated with radiation for a tumor in one ear.

Thus, there does seem to be some credibility to this theory, but it certainly isn’t the case in everybody with AIED. Dr. Hain suspects sympathetic hearing only occurs in about 1% of the patients in which inner ear antigens are released into the rest of the body following surgery, or other treatments. (1)

(1) Hain, Timothy. Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease (AIED)

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  1. Ellen Wagner Says:
    after publication. --> December 30th, 2008 at 12:14 pm

    I received total brain radiation (25 treatments) following surgical removal of a brain tumor metastisis.

    I am having problems with both ears. The outsides blistered the last week of treatments and I noticed a hearing loss. I went to an ENT and was given Rx ear drops (antibiotic/steriod)and will be scheduled for a hearing test in a week or...

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