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Local resource for real-ear testing in Asheville, NC. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to real-ear testing, audiologists, hearing loss treatment, tinnitus treatment, and hearing aids, as well as advice and content on hearing loss, conditions of the ear, and hearing problems.

WNC Hearing Aid Svcs
(828) 484-4301
63 Monticello Rd
Weaverville, NC
Hearing Testing for determination of hearing aid eligibility Occupational Hearing Testing Counseling involving Hearing Aid amplification Referral Source to Otolarghinologists Sales and Service of most major brands of hearing aids Minor repairs done in office Cleaning & Adjustments Assistive listening devices Batteries & other consumables Speciality Hearing Devices Availibility in all of Western North Carolina
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Asheville Audiology Services
(828) 277-5677
900 Hendersonville Road
Asheville, NC

Wake Aud & Hrg Aid Assoc PLLC
(919) 728-9652
1954 S Main St
Wake Forest, NC
* Adult and Pediatric Hearing Evaluations * Speech In Noise tests * Tinnitus Evaluations * Tympanometry/Acoustic Reflexes * Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE) * Hearing Aids in all styles and technologies * Batteries and Accessories * Treatment for Benign Positional Vertigo (BPPV) * Assistive Listening and Alerting Devices * Amplified telephones * Industrial audiograms * School and employment audiograms * Hearing protection (custom & stock) * Musician''s earplugs
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Hearing Health Care Svcs. Inc.
(919) 283-5715
1515 W Nc Highway 54 Ste 100
Durham, NC
Complete Audiological / Hearing Evaluations by a Dr. of Audiology, 30 day trial period on all hearing aids, Full service repairs on most hearing aid makes & models. We specialize in helping you determine the best style & technology for your hearing loss and listening needs. We are a participating provider with most insurances and part of the Blue Cross Blue SHield Audio Blue Program.
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Carolina Ear & Hearing Clinic
(919) 887-2175
3100 Duraleigh Rd Ste 300
Raleigh, NC
Treatment of Age-Related Hearing LossNoise-Induced Hearing LossTreatment of Acute Otitis MediaSudden Hearing LossWax Removal Autoimmune Hearing LossSwimmer’s EarBell’s PalsyChronic Middle Ear FluidMedical Treatment of Meniere’s Disease
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Mark A. Kenzik, M.A. CCC- A
(828) 490-4754
1727 Brevard Rd
Hendersonville, NC
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Morrison Enterprises DBA
(252) 648-7407
3110 Arendell St Ste 2
Morehead City, NC
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Hearing Healthcare Ctrs of NC
(704) 966-6126
9610 Sherrill Estates Rd Ste A
Huntersville, NC
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Carolina Hearing Group, Inc
(919) 887-2005
2301 Rexwoods Dr Ste 106
Raleigh, NC
We offer:**A 30 Day evaluation period.We will earn your trust by giving you the opportunity to evaluate your new hearing instruments in your everyday environment. Working with you, our skilled audiologists will help fine tune your new hearing instruments to achieve the best result for you.**The best in technology from industry leaders, such as GN Resound, Phonak, Widex, Oticon, Unitron and Siemens.**Technology customized to meet your needs.We take time to understand you and your hearing experien
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Audiology Of New Bern
(252) 392-0065
2859 Trent Rd
New Bern, NC
Audiology of New Bern offers comprehensive hearing and hearing aid evaluations. We offer assistive listening devices for special situations, hearing protection and swimmolds. Complimentary demonstrations of digital hearing instrument technology is available.Key BenefitsTwo year repair warranty on premium hearing instruments30 day evaluation period on all new hearing instrument purchases100% money back guarantee on all hearing instrument purchasesCapabilitiesWe are the area''s only provider of
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Insist on Real-Ear Testing

Answers to Your Questions about Hearing Loss Issues  

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November 23, 2005: 7:27 pm: Dr. Neil Hearing Aids

Insist on Real-Ear Testing

by Neil Bauman, Ph.D.

One of the reasons many people are not happy with their new hearing aids is because their hearing aids have not been properly adjusted to fit their specific hearing losses.

Often, the audiologist or hearing aid dispenser adjusts your hearing aids according to the manufacturer’s fitting algorithm for your hearing loss. Unfortunately, this algorithm does not necessarily reflect the hearing prescription you really need.

If your audiologist does not do “real-ear testing”, she will never know whether or not your hearing aids are set up properly for your ears.

With real-ear testing, your audiologist puts a tiny microphone into your ear canal, then inserts your hearing aid. A computer runs some automatic tests and the results are shown on the screen.

The output shows both a graph of what your prescription should be, and what your hearing aids are really putting out. Now your audiologist can see what she needs to “tweak” in your hearing aids to properly give you the amplification you need at each of the speech frequencies.

How important is this? Consider this. A recent study using one hearing aid manufacturer’s fitting algorithm was compared with the results of real ear testing. The shocking results show that less than 12% of the time were the results judged to be “clinically similar” when comparing the manufacturer’s values to the actual real-ear measurements.

Nancy Aarts, Ph.D., the author of this study asserts:

This study suggests that adult hearing aid fitting protocols should include the use of actual real-ear probe-microphone measures to verify hearing aid fittings. Reliance on [the manufacturer's protocols] may result in insufficient output of most hearing aid users, as well as over-amplification of high level inputs for some hearing aid users.

What this means is that if you want to know that your hearing aids are fitted properly, you need to insist on having real-ear testing. If your audiologist doesn’t do real-ear testing, find one that does. It’s that important.

The above study was reported in the article “The Accuracy and Clinical Usefulness of Manufacturer-Predicted REAR Values in Adult Hearing Aid Fittings” The Hearing Review. November, 2005.)

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